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Novel Writing Tips for all Beginners

Novel Writing Tips for all Beginners

The process of committing to writing a novel is a gradual feeling that tends to influence people at different intervals. It may not hit people all the time, but when it does, people usually follow their heart. Although this point of being influenced is essential, you also need other aspects that will help. Coming in the form of tips, they try to paint the right kind of picture. So by all means, you need to hear these tips to improve your skills and ability as a novel writer. Hence, to take things further, here are some novel writing tips for all beginners.

1. The Environment

The place that you choose to write tends to talk a lot about your character. This particular spot needs to help you feel comfortable and should also manage to keep the flow of thoughts running. One cannot achieve the same from all places since things do not work that way. So it is quite crucial that you finalise on a spot before you begin to write. In this manner, you will be able to get settled and move forward in the right direction.

right direction.

2. The Thought Pad

As the name suggests, a thought pad can be a book or a piece of paper that you need to carry around. The main reason behind the same is to help you jot down thoughts and points that add value to your novel. Yes, that’s right. So by all means, you need to carry this around because you might not be aware of the arrival of such thoughts. As you pass through life, different objects tend to take a toll on your imagination and thus, thoughts come into the picture. Hence, always remember to walk with a thinking pad.

3. An Outline

An Outline

When it comes to outline, people usually get confused and do not have a clue about proceeding ahead. So it is important to check different approaches to the matter and finalise on one. By doing so, you will be able to come forward with ways that can be adapted to the new technique. Be it chapters or scenes; you need a direction that can guide you forward. If you are not able to find the right one, then you need to think of innovative ways(Watch This) to make a different outline.

4. Lets Begin

If you have reached the final stage, then it means that you want to do this and it was not a mistake to choose the same. Avoiding all kinds of distractions is not easy, but you have succeededsucceeded. So you cannot give up because you have to make this happen. Hence, grab all the required materials to begin the process.

The Writer’s Friend

The Writer’s Friend

This Web site offers help for both the beginning and advanced writer.  Donna Clark Goodrich is a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader. She is the author of 24 books—including the newly released A Step in the Write Direction: The Complete How-to Book for Christian Writers and The Freedom of Letting Go, and over 700 articles, short stories, devotionals, poems, and book reviews. A frequent instructor at Christian writers’ conferences across the United States, she also holds one and two day conferences on her own. Her greatest joy comes from teaching beginning writers and encouraging advanced writers in spreading the gospel through the printed page.

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Mnemonic Spelling Hints gives you hints on those confusing words such as stationary/stationery (remember “e” as in envelope).
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Tips to help you Proofread your Written Work

Tips to help you Proofread your Written Work

The importance of proofreading can only be understood when you go ahead without including the same for your article. Be it mistakes or errors, everything comes into the picture and ruins the ultimate message that you intended on displaying. So by all means, you need to proofread and ensure that things are as fresh as your thoughts. But the process is not exactly how you think it is. There are other points that you need to remember at this point in time. So to help you understand, here are some tips to help you proofread your written work.

1. Use a Software

There is various digital software that will help you find grammar-related mistakes and numerous problems. Using them before you proofread the article is essential. In this manner, you will save a lot of time and also the material will come out as you planned it. Be it the spacing issue or spellings; everything will be under control and aspects will head in the right direction. Hence, run your work through a digital software before you proofread the same.

2. The Impact of Paper

Impact of Paper

A lot of research work has established how reading from paper is more beneficial from reading it from a digital screen. The same old technique will help you recall thoughts and make matters more authentic. So we suggest that you read the entire work through the paper because you don’t want to miss out on anything. Towards the end, this process will benefit your work and make it much more appealing.

3. Be Patient

The importance of patience is another point that goes without saying. You need to spare a couple of hours for this process, and it is also good to do it at a stretch. So it would help if you were prepared to face these moments. Apart from patience, hydration is also essential to keep matters going. Hence, brace yourselves and get ready for the process of proofreading.

4. Avoid Distractions

Your attention span should be on flow, and there shouldn’t be anything to disturb the same. Thus, you need to get rid of all forms of distractions and find a spot that will help you concentrate. In this manner, the process will be productive and the result, impactful. Be it your cell phone or TV; everything needs to be avoided.

5. Backwards

Yes, that’s right. You need to read your work backwards since that manages to be more productive. When you read it in the usual manner, your brain knows what to expect, and thus, specific errors will not be detected. So always make it a point to read it backwards since the entire experience will be new.

Writing for a Native American Rug Company’s Blog

Writing for a Native American Rug Company’s Blog

I was recently contacted by a rug company to write some content for their blog. This was a new and interesting experience for me. I wasn’t the most knowledgeable on area rugs, but I did some research when they reached out to me and learned what I could. This was definitely a different style of writing too. Writing for a company like this is very different from my previous work because it is more about educational writing with a slight tinge of marketing.

However, if you do get approached by a company to write for their blog, I would recommend that you don’t immediately scoff at the idea because it is not creative or as exciting as working on your own projects. It can provide a stable source of income while you work on your own projects and if you just take on one company then it isn’t that too much work. It can provide a lot of freedom and flexibility to work on becoming a professional writer while paying your bills.

Learning the History of Southwestern and Native American Rugs

Also, through the process, you learn a lot of information that you most likely wouldn’t have come across in your normal life. I learned all about the history of Southwestern rugs and their relationship with the Native American tribes of the American Southwest. It is actually quite fascinating and quite the history reminder. Southwestern rugs come from the art, culture, and life of the Native American tribes that lived in the area. During the days of early colonization, crafting, intricate, handmade rugs was one of the ways that the Native American tribes supported their livelihood. Southwestern Native American rugs were a prized commodity that people from all over the world would crave and many would travel to the American Southwest to purchase.

Even though most Native American rugs are no longer crafted by hand, the artistic attention to detail and the reverence for the art form remains in today’s area rug expressions. I recommend diving a bit into the history of the Native American people if you have the smallest bit of curiosity. It is endlessly fascinating and often extremely inspiring when you learn more about their struggle, art, culture, customs, and just their general life philosophy. I believe we can all benefit from expanding our locus of where we get our information from. Divine inspiration can come from anywhere and often I find that through learning something completely unrelated, it can trigger a train of thoughts that lead to a breakthrough in my own creative project.

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