This Web site offers help for both the beginning and advanced writer.  Donna Clark Goodrich is a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader. She is the author of 24 books—including the newly released A Step in the Write Direction: The Complete How-to Book for Christian Writers and The Freedom of Letting Go, and over 700 articles, short stories, devotionals, poems, and book reviews. A frequent instructor at Christian writers’ conferences across the United States, she also holds one and two day conferences on her own. Her greatest joy comes from teaching beginning writers and encouraging advanced writers in spreading the gospel through the printed page.

You want to write but don’t know what to write? Check the list of writing topics.
Perhaps you want to write nonfiction, but question where to get ideas? Check the list.
How about devotional writing? This site lists 12 Hints for Completing a Devotional Assignment.
Or children’s books? Read the different genres and the length of each one.
When you look up a word to see if it’s hyphenated, one word, or two, jot it down on the ABC sheet. Impress the editors with your consistency.
Mnemonic Spelling Hints gives you hints on those confusing words such as stationary/stationery (remember “e” as in envelope).
Where to send your manuscripts? Check out the list of marketing books and periodicals.

This site also includes:
A list of proofreading symbols
15 Hints for Using Scripture in Your Writing
Shortcut for Microsoft Word users, and
A list of tax deductions for writers